Here’s Everything You Should Know About Types of Promotional Pens and Their Functions


Not all promotional pens are made the same and getting acquainted with the distinction between the pens you use as giveaways and pens you gift to your workforce on your team can establish or ruin your campaign. Even getting acquainted with the kind of ink, ink color options and pen styles will ascertain which Concept Plus stylos publicitaire pour entreprise will be ideal for your clientele. This article will enlighten you about the various pens offered as promotional products for your marketing needs.

  • Ballpoint pens for everyday use

These pens are the most common writing tools. They are cleaner and are more reliable than dip pens and fountain pens. They use a metal ball at the tip so that the oil ink can roll over the ball and let you glide the pen over paper. As all ballpoint pens have a thick oil based ink, they tend to last longer and there is also less smudging on the paper. They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and price points.

  • Rollerball pens for easier writing

They are similar to ballpoint pens, apart from the fact that they use water based ink or gel based ink rather than the oil based ink. This reduces the clumping of a standard ballpoint pen as the water based and gel based ink is slimmer and lets for smudging and smearing and more ink flow. The thinner ink also means that you will run out of ink faster, but it puts less pressure on paper, writes easily and has a darker ink. These pens are famous among executives, clients and employees who write for long periods of time.

  • Pens and highlighters for combined efforts

If your clients are preparing reports, editing manuscripts for publication, or highlighting signature lines for signing, pen and highlighter combos are the best. These combos have pen on one side and highlighter marker on the other letting for a quick flip of wrist when switching between writing and highlighting.

  • Stylus pens for the tech savvy

People working on digital devices on a daily basis will love the multi-function pens that let them to switch from writing across the screen with ease. Go for a promotional pen with a cap on the end and lip the pen to have the side with the stylus.

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